ABBYY Flexicapture

Remove friction from document-intensive processes

Enterprise automation starts with a comprehensive platform for acquiring, processing, validating and delivering the right data into critical processes. ABBYY FlexiCapture is an Intelligent Document Processing platform built for the needs of today’s complex digital enterprise. FlexiCapture brings together the best NLP, machine learning, and advanced recognition capabilities into a single, enterprise-scale platform to handle every type of document, from simple forms to complex free-form documents, and every job size, from ad hoc single documents to large batch jobs requiring tough SLAs. Orchestrating the process from acquisition to delivery, FlexiCapture feeds content-driven business applications such as RPA and BPM, helping organizations focus on customer service, cost reduction, compliance, and competitive advantage.

Faster, Straight-through processing

Content from documents entering through any channel, in any format, is automatically extracted, understood, and delivered, removing manual processing friction.

Smooth transactions, smart decisions, rapid action

Leverage customer-provided data to analyze content, accelerate transactions, make smarter decisions, and provide quick, accurate responses to all of your customers.

Control, predictability, and compliance

Gain full chain of custody reporting and management for fine-tuning of results, while ensuring end-to-end compliance with your process and security models.

Available in the cloud or on premises

Designed for the digital enterprise, FlexiCapture lets you start tomorrow and deploy the solution where you want and need it most:


Leverage ABBYY FlexiCapture in the Cloud, securely hosted on our highly secure servers.

On premises

Install and use ABBYY FlexiCapture within your corporate infrastructure.


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Intelligent data extraction

Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology automates the identification and extraction of content from unstructured documents like contracts, invoices, resumes, leases, emails, and correspondence. By leveraging NLP, customers of the FlexiCapture  suite of tools can now automate the extraction of data from complex documents along with structured (forms, surveys…) and semi-structured documents, helping to accelerate transactions while significantly reducing operating costs (reduction of data entry times) and errors.

Multi-level documents classification

Automate the task of understanding, separating, and routing documents through AI-based classifiers that are trained automatically, using the latest machine learning methods. Whether processing and classifying structured forms, semi-structured documents like invoices, tax forms, claims, or onboarding documents, or completely unstructured documents like correspondence and contracts, FlexiCapture can help you reduce your document handling costs while accelerating the process. No more manual sorting and labelling needed.

Data validation and control

Critical data fields, context, and entities are identified, validated, and automatically processed according to business rules and requirements. The system can be easily trained and uses ongoing machine learning for continuous improvements and cost control.

Visibility into data and processes

Monitoring tools and reports on key parameters, including resources, performance, and accuracy, provide process transparency and predictability while giving administrators insight to opportunities for improvement.

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