ADOC Solutions offers scalable cloud-based management and storage options for small and large companies and organizations seeking to store and protect their documents and images that have been previously converted into digital formats. There are many benefits to cloud-based storage, but the greatest advantage of cloud-based storage is the ability to protect your valuable files from damage or loss.

Damage can occur through repeated use or natural disasters, and loss can occur when computers or external hard drives fail, or when CDs or DVD’s are misplaced or damaged. Cloud-based storage can easily eliminate both those concerns and reduce the need for storage space. Our representatives can guide you on the best solutions for your digital storage requirements.

Another benefit to cloud-based management and storage is accessibility. Documents, images, and forms can be remotely viewed, downloaded and shared to a large network of associates quickly and efficiently. Password protected controls and advanced security measures can be put in place so you can regulate who can see or share the files. We can even develop controls that specify locations such as i.p. addresses, this provides an additional step of added security. These controls can be custom tailored to suit your organizations specific management needs.

Cloud-based management systems and storage can save your company money by streamlining your wok flows and creating a greater degree of efficiency, which can reduce needless expenditures and increase overall production. Call or email us if you are interested in discussing scalable cloud-based management systems and storage options for your business or organization.