Once the documents are in electronic format, a qualification of the content should be added known as Indexation. Indexing can take several forms such as indexing the name of the file, the file is named with enough information to facilitate its operation (i.e. search). When the richness of the qualification does not allow you to exploit the simple name of the document, one must create metadata (a structured set of indexing criteria). This enrichment or indexing can be done manually, semi-automatically / assisted or automatically. Reading and Document Recognition (Data Capture) technologies based on optical recognition (OCR) can then be implemented. This essential step in Digital Transformation process.

Documentary Capture

Documentary Capture is one of the essential phases of dematerialization. This technology is too often underestimated compared to the possibilities of existing engines. The capture phase integrates all the possibilities of recognition, extraction, classification. Capturing also automates the indexing or enrichment phase of document metadata.

OCR – Optical Character Recognition

The OCR phase is the first step in understanding documents. Often associated with the simple transformation of image documents into office format (Word, Excel), OCR is also a key component during the phases of digitization (automatic rotation of documents) and content identification (analysis prior to automatic recognition techniques). Discover our OCR ABBYY FineReader

Automatic Reading and Recognition of Documents

The data capture technology is used in order to facilitate the automatic document processing phases in the workflow. This technique allows models (structured documents, semi-structured documents, unstructured documents, etc.) to identify the content (RAD phase) and to extract the content according to the parameterized rules. The data capture engine triggers the first Artificial Intelligence rules in the organization’s management process, specific validation circuits according to the content (validation of invoices) and the communication rules according to the completeness of the files (bank file). The capture allows the collection of the data (Big DATA) and their structural organization. ABBYY Flexicapture provide the best data capture.

Documentary Capture Applications

ADOC Solutions develops its expertise on the best technologies: IRIS – ABBYY – NUANCE …
Depending on your projects, ADOC Solutions offers you the most suitable capture solution:

Dematerialization of Gray Cards – Certificates of Registration
Dematerialization of incoming mail
Dematerialization of Waste Tracking Slips (BSD)
Dematerialization of Purchase Orders
Dematerialization of marketing surveys
Dematerialization of timesheets
Dematerialization of delivery notes
Dematerialization of resource surveys
Dematerialization of tenders

The potential applications of capture technologies and the opportunities they uncover are invaluable. ADOC Solutions can determine the feasibility of your projects via professional consulting and opportunity study. Call us today for an over the phone consultation and evaluation.