Best-in-class invoice solution from ELO

ELO brings the maximum benefits of a state-of-the-art invoice processing solution to your company.

Invoices are delivered to different departments and business locations across an organization. Employees spend a significant amount of time processing them. Digital invoice management from ELO helps significantly reduce the time, cost, risk and complexity of this process. Invoices and receipts are captured and classified automatically and passed on to the correct employee in a workflow, giving you better control over your accounts payable cycle and ensuring that no invoices are forgotten.

Good reasons for choosing ELO Invoice:

  • Custom solution that fits all demands,
  • Compliance with specific standards,
  • You determine how much you want to automate,
  • Additional components available depending on your requirements,
  • Easy integration with all standard ERP systems, e.g. SAP Business One®, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Invoice dashboard

Track all invoices in circulation on the invoice dashboard:

  • Monitor invoices and payment deadlines,
  • View the current status and detailed invoice information,
  • Filter options, e.g. to show time-critical documents only,
  • Meet payment deadlines thanks to an early warning system,
  • Generate statistics
ELO Invoice Dashboard
Your ELO Invoice Dashboard
ELO Form to approve invoice
ELO Form to approve invoice


Forms help you get invoices approved faster:

  • Use forms to modify data captured automatically,
  • Record unique data such as delivery quantities,
  • Different form modules help you to stay organized


The ELO feed is a chat-based tool for collaborating on documents:

  • Simple, transparent way to exchange information,
  • Monitor changes in documents,
  • Create a post on a document or join a discussion
  • Mention colleagues in a comment and refer to posts,
  • Conduct polls on a document or a topic of your choice
ELO feed to collaborate on documents
ELO feed to collaborate on documents

“With ELO, we can also divide invoice positions into partial amounts and assign them to different ledger accounts, cost centers, and projects.”

Elmar Türtscher, head of financial accounts, ADLER-Werk Lackfabrik Johann Berghofer GmbH

Processing incoming invoices with ELO and SAP® solutions (SAP NetWeaver® and SAP S/4HANA®)

Processing incoming invoices with ELO and SAP

Step 1

Inbound invoice is scanned.

Step 2

Invoices are archived in ELO and classified with ELO DocXtractor, which then runs a plausibility check with the data in your SAP system.

Step 3

ELO automatically generates the appropriate workflow and oversees the payment approval process.

Step 4

Once approved in ELO, the invoice is posted in the SAP system and the invoice document is linked.

Thanks to seamless integration with SAP solutions, ELO enables you to fully automate the incoming invoice process:

  • Early and late capture,
  • Access to information from both systems,
  • Links to the SAP transaction,
  • Invoice is archived in ELO using the index data extracted from the SAP system

Integration with other ERP systems

Besides SAP solutions (SAP NetWeaver® and SAP S/4HANA®), ELO also integrates with other third-party systems, such as Datev and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, ensuring you are able to streamline processes such as generating or modifying invoices or linking to specific documents.

Take a look at our ELO Invoice brochure.