Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with ELO ECM Suite

Our ELO ECM Suite is the ideal business software for transparent, streamlined processes in all your departments.

Offering digital, revision-controlled filing, the system is home to living documents within an intelligent system. Users can quickly find documents, data, and information of all kinds, link them to workflows, discuss using collaboration tools, and even analyze them using powerful tools. ELO ECM Suite can be seamlessly integrated into existing system environments.

Document Management Solutions bring together various functionalities to ensure the exploitation and durability of data compression, document lifecycle, versions, notifications, modifications, advanced searches, full text, upstream within Document Management. Rules may be implemented for the circulation and validation of documents (The digitization with probative value) workflows. These rules of circulation of documents or data can be shared through different communication vectors such as email, SMS, and portals to speed up exchanges.

According to numerous studies, Document Management Systems (DMS) and Declinations (Document Management System (DMS), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) offer many benefits:

  • Optimization of documentary circuits
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Trace the treatments related to the documents,
  • Secure the data
  • Facilitate access to information,

To obtain a real ROI on the implementation of a Document Management solution, it is necessary to define the objectives that need to be achieved. While there are many Document Management tools available, they all meet generic needs-oriented documents:

  • Ranking
  • Research
  • Workflow
  • Sharing
  • Traceability

Some even offer flexibility in deployment models including on-premise installation, cloud offers and hybrid models.

The search for a document management solution is too often translated into a search for features. Yet Document Management should not be perceived as a series of functionalities but more as a means, a component within itself that integrates into the company to implement existing processes (workflows) and achieve the objectives set in upstream.

Standard Solutions

ADOC Solutions offers a Document Management solution incorporating only the essential features necessary for your daily operations. This solution is ideal for organizations that wish to initiate a Digital Transformation through Document Flow Management.

  • Secured access
  • Classification plan
  • Document metadata
  • Simple Search & Advanced Search
  • Web portal

Customized Solutions

ADOC Solutions offers its various technological portals for organizations interested in deploying a dedicated tool, which sticks to business operations. This custom-tailored approach allows us the flexibility to build a solution in line with the operations of the organization, while building on existing foundations. These instances (scanning tools, Business Databases, etc.), sometimes already deployed in companies, can be used to customize the operations of document management solutions.

We can integrate technologies adapted to these projects and we develop the links between these technologies. Call us today for a free over the phone consultation and price estimate for your next project.