ADOC Solutions offers professional document scanning and digitization services to businesses and organizations in Miami Dade County and nationwide in a broad range of industries.

We begin by closely working with the client in order to develop a personalized strategy and determine the appropriate mix of services for each which may  include electronic archiving, content recognition, document handling, preparation, digitization, indexing, restitution and provides a methodology for the processing.

Once the processing is complete, the documents can be returned or destroyed according to the the needs of the client. Thanks to AODC’s cloud-based solutions, which enables the implementation of hybrid services where the digitization, indexing and classification phases can be physically separated.

Support of Documents

Each document scanning service project begins with a document collection and support phase. ADOC Solutions, through its experienced staff, carries out an initial inventory phase before taking charge. This essential step guarantees the volumes of supported documents.

Preparation of Documents

Depending on the nature of the documents, a preliminary preparation is to be carried out. This phase consists in homogenizing the documents to allow a mass digitization. The documents are thus laid flat, all the binders are removed: staples, paper clips, and tabs are inserted to facilitate post-scanning fitness.

Scanning Documents

Once the documents are homogeneous, the process of digitization of the files or images is carried out. All pages are scanned by a production scanner. Scanning tools, dedicated, ensures perfect reliability in the creation of images. Specific image processing is carried out on digitization, in order to optimize its exploitation.

And after the scan?

Once the digitization is done, several scenarios unfold for the original media. These provisions are specific, by project and according to the legal obligations relating to the documents concerned:

  • Formatting documents according to the original assemblies
  • Physical archiving of documents
  • Destruction of documents
  • Output inventory
  • Return of documents

And the images?

After scanning, several processes can be performed on the files:

  • Compression of pdf files: (allows to reduce more than 20 times the size of pdf files, without altering the quality of consultation and printing)
  • OCR transformation: processing by an OCR server to offer within the pdf file, the text layer of the document
  • Simple indexing: classifying documents in folders and naming files according to defined rules,
  • Complete indexing: classification of documents with an association of index files (csv, xml …) according to the defined rules

The indexing phases can be manual or automatic depending on the documents to be processed. Some treatments are subject to pre-digitization indexing (LAD / RAD technologies with templates developed by ADOC Solutions), reducing computer input times.

Extraction of data

Once the documents are scanned, the data can be extracted:

  • Checkboxes
  • Typed data
  • Manuscript data
  • Bar codes
  • Images

Quality Services

Quality control is carried out for each service:

  • On the sampling base, images and indexes are checked
  • Business rules are applied to metadata to simplify indexing actions

The images are scanned with the latest technological tools (Software & Hardware) with the following options:

  • Scanning 300 dpi
  • Automatic framing according to the formats
  • Removal of blank pages with management of blank page initials
  • Traceability of the actions made by the users (important concept for the RGPD)
  • Ultrasound dual paper pickup ensures that no document will have its exact numerical equivalent after scanning (also important for RGPD)

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