ADOC Solutions offers affordable, high volume 16mm and 32mm microfilm digital scanning services for small to large businesses and organizations in a wide range of industries in Miami, FL and nationwide. Many commercial companies, agencies and institutions are just beginning to take their first steps toward digitalization. The vast majority of businesses and organizations that actively seek out our digitalization and microfilm scanning services are looking to:

  • Reduce overall paper usage and storage
  • Protect legacy documents such as microfilm from aging, weather or loss
  • Retrieve, print and distribute their images or documents more efficiently and effectively
  • Control access to the image files or database (reading, writing, copying)
  • Increase production and lower labor costs

Innovative Solutions

ADOC Solutions has been involved in microfilm scanning services since first being established in Europe in 1996. Our project managers are detail oriented and up to date on the latest technologies, equipment and protocols regarding archiving and retrieving data. This knowledge and expertise allow our clients to place confidence in our recommendations and work. After the project is complete, we offer backend customer support to ensure our clients understand the application and are fully satisfied with the results. Our microfilm digital conversion services include the following:

  • Project manager will first review the images or documents and determine the best solution for image capture and data storage
  • Scanning the 16mm and 32mm microfilm, either onsite or at our offices, and converting the images to digital files such as PDF, TTIF, JPG, GIF or another digital format of your choice. Scanning options include color depth, resolution, processing and image file formats
  • Creating a searchable database by using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, so the images or documents can be indexed either manually or automatically in order to be quickly searched, browsed and viewed
  • Images are quality controlled via back checking and optimized visually using filters and other digital tools if necessary
  • Cloud or server storage protects the images or documents from damage or loss and allows for quick retrieval
  • Backend customer service

We Serve

  • Private & Public Educational Institutions
  • Newspaper and Magazine Publishers
  • Historical or Archive Societies
  • Healthcare & Biotech Companies
  • Architecture & Engineering Firms
  • Insurance & Financial Companies
  • Law Offices & Litigation Services
  • Government Agencies


Ready to Start?

If you are considering converting your microforms to digital format and have questions regarding our full line of services, please do not hesitate to give us a call today at (786) 762-3048. Our project managers can provide you with an over the phone consultation, price estimate or set up an onsite meeting with your staff.